How to make OOO (DotTripleO) fake email

This is a quick guide on how to register an "OOO" domain for future use with fake-email for free.

Go to the registrar's website:

We use: to quickly copy and fill in the registration data.
Use any e-mail from the site: for confirmation.
Remember to use all the characters listed in the registration in the password.
The phone does not need to be confirmed.

Verify your email address: / search

Looking for a free domain. For example "". search

Use coupon "GETOOO" free for the 1st year registration. GETOOO

Configure the MX record as it is listed here:
Go to the domain control panel panel

Looking for "DNS Management" panel



That's all. You need to wait a while until all servers get the new settings (about 10 minutes to 72 hours to take effect.) and you can use the new domain: /
If the domain does not go into the online state for a long time, try checking it with: Fake email domain debugger